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Join Cupole Bike & Cook tour!

Linköping , let's get cooking!

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During the spring, biking and vegetarian cooking have been trending among us Cupoleans. Now, we start to feel that it's time to take our skills to a larger arena. That's why we are getting out on a tour throughout Sweden. A Bike & Cook tour!

Stopping at Linköping University the 29th of September, we invite you to have a digital dinner with us! You'll be provided with all you need to cook a three-course meal. All you need to fix is a place to cook the food, a good internet connection and a buddy for the evening. You and your cooking partner will both apply separately, and specify where and with who you will cook with in the application. During the course (and courses) of the evening, you will get the chance to digitally meet colourful Cupoleans of different seniority to talk about work, life and all in between. We truly look forward to getting to know you better!

For this event, we are primarily looking for 3-5th year students. Read more and apply here before 22th of September: cupole.se/cupole-bike-cook-the-digital-way


Cupole Bike & Cook Tour

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